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Why choose us?

On average, our clients witness a remarkable 94.2% surge ⚡️ in demand generation and an impressive 67% boost 🚀 in sales compared to their previous SEO endeavours.


Inquire with any conventional SEO agency regarding sales enablement, and you might encounter resistance.

Fortunately, we are adept at conversing in the language of conversion optimization, just as much as we are in effective communication. While many SEO firms originate from a solely communicative foundation, generating website traffic and considering the job done, we understand that sustained success requires a robust marketing strategy.

Our origins don’t lie in SEO alone; they are deeply embedded in the realm of data-driven marketing.


They experience surges followed by declines.

We achieve victory and continue to ascend.

While conventional SEO focuses solely on acquiring traffic hits, our sales-enabled SEO, known as the Digital Kjoo Approach, centres on not only capturing those traffic hits but also leveraging them as a launching pad for your brand’s success.

What you can expect when you partner with Digital Kjoo

Your needs are our top priority. Our relationship with you is personal, organic, and focused on delivering results. We understand that your agency needs to be flexible, dedicated, and driven to deliver a higher standard of SEO and content.

We partner with you every step of the way, with every member of your team working together to help your business reach its goals. Digital Kjoo is driven by its values, and that’s why you choose us. 

Digital Kjoo is designed to scale with your needs. 

Our solutions are built on top of automation, giving us access to the best tools in the industry. We also develop custom solutions internally to surface insights more effectively. Our team’s expertise allows us to turn these insights into actionable steps that we work with your team to implement. 

With Digital Kjoo, you can be confident that we have the ability to scale with you as your needs grow.

When you work with Digital Kjoo, you’ll be collaborating with a dedicated team of SEO and content specialists. This team, or “pod,” is made up of key roles to ensure the success of your project.

The Account Manager serves as your main point of contact and manages your project from start to finish. They also act as your account strategist to ensure that your needs are always met and exceeded.t

The SEO Engineer handles all technical aspects of your SEO, including conducting audits, working with your engineering team, and writing user stories for the implementation of our recommendations. They also have the ability to build proofs of concept to actualize our innovative SEO ideas.

The Content Strategist designs, innovates, governs, and executes content systems. They identify and build workflows and governance models to ensure the effectiveness of your content projects within your organisation. They also conduct workshops with your team on topics such as voice and tone, information architecture and taxonomy, and affinity discovery and audience research.

The Data Analyst conducts primary market research for your projects and produces strategic planning deliverables to set the project on track. They also have the ability to mine data to determine new insights, opportunities, and campaigns for the Digital Kjoo team to execute for you.

The Content Production Team, led by our Director of Content Strategy, executes on the content ideas created by the core pod. This team includes a Content Producer, Copy Editor, and agency-vetted designer and developer specialists.

Overall, when you partner with Digital Kjoo, you’ll be working with a dedicated team of experts committed to ensuring the success of your project.

Digital Kjoo uses an agile framework to approach your projects, operating in 2-week sprints to map out your goals based on the availability of our team members. Our flexible sprint planning ensures that project assignments are aligned with your needs and structured to deliver the most impact as quickly as possible. We prioritise what your team is ready to act on.

For example, if we produce an SEO Site Audit but you’re not ready for implementation, the audit will just sit around. We’ve found that it’s more valuable to work in tandem with your team’s bandwidth and resources, focusing on delivering what you need when you’re ready to take action on it. This means that we have the flexibility to pivot to your priorities as they arise, rather than simply powering through a pre-planned project.

If an SEO opportunity arises that you want to prioritise, we won’t ignore it simply because we had a competitive analysis initiative scheduled next. Our approach is designed to benefit you by being flexible and responsive to your changing needs.

Great Content.
Great Result.

Digital KJOO serves as the premier technical SEO and content strategy partner for a wide array of start-ups and mid-market brands worldwide. Our expertise in comprehensive strategy, digital, social, and creative designing ensures the delivery of bespoke multimedia content, tailored to your brand’s audiences.


Is anyone listening? We are. Tracking trends, forecasting market climate, and integrating the latest technology in the brand and digital marketing strategy is our specialty.


Content is at the core of connectivity. You’ve got your strategy but how does that translate into the content you’re putting out into the world? We’re a creative agency with seriously skilled creatives.


Our social media marketing experts harness data and insights to craft tailored brand strategies, captivating your audience. We adeptly merge content, visuals, and engaging stories to create a rich digital atmosphere.


It’s about time you go viral. As a social media agency and digital marketing agency, we amplify your message beyond borders.

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